Rambutan Mukbang ASMR

Rambutan Mukbang ASMR!
Hi everyone, I’m new to the ASMR community! I recently saw these exotic Rambutan fruits at the market and thought that they were too pretty just to eat for no reason. So… I created my first ASMR Mukbang video with them!

ASMR Exotic Thai Fruit (Jack Fruit, Lychee, Rambutan) EATING SOUNDS | SAS-ASMR

RAMBUTAN Fruit | ASMR Eating Sounds | N.E Let’s Eat
One of my favourites fruits of all time is Rambutan!! So sweet and juicy! Bought this from Henlong Market, they were $20 CND, a little expensive I must say…lol but worth it! Cheers and THANK YOU for watching! xoxo